BBFW 2024: Unveiling New Ear Wedding Dresses

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week (BBFW) 2024 lit up Fira de Barcelona once again this year, just like last time. Over 23,000 people participated, and more than 400 brands were exhibited, with most of them were global. The fashion shows went on for four days starting April 17th, with 37 designers each showing their own creations.

By featuring individual fashion shows, 37 designers from various countries presented their creations on the runway. Most of them were from Europe, especially Spain, with 16 Spanish designers in total. There were also 3 designers from Italy, 2 designers from UK, 2 designers from Netherlands, and 2 designers from Ukraine. Furthermore, there was one designer each from Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Belgium and Greece. North America was represented by 3 designers from the United States, while Asia left its mark with one representative each from Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Notable names such as JESUS PEIRO (Catalonia), YOLANCRIS (Barcelona), SOPHIE ET VOILA (Bilbao), ISABEL SANCHIS (Valencia), alongside one of the world’s three largest brands: PRONOVIAS (Barcelona), and designs supervised by Jimmy Choo, THE ATELIER (Malaysia) graced the event, showcasing a blend of local flair and international allure.

This year, the event poster was a AI-driven design, making it special and unique compared to designs from past years. 日本語

entrance・outdoor poster

fashion show area

trade area

Table of Contents

  1. Unique exterior design: Barcelona Goes Bridal!
  2. 2025 Wedding dress collection
  3. Various type of runways
  4. PRONOVIAS Special fashion show

Unique exterior design: Barcelona Goes Bridal!

Outside the event venue, special stuff was set up to catch people’s attention. It was right next to Montjuic, with lots of train stations and bus stops nearby, and a mere 16-minute drive from Barcelona Airport, facilitating seamless participation for international guests.

Outside the event, people passing by were treated to a stunning sight. Specially installed equipment decorated the venue’s exterior against the backdrop of the Catalunya Museum. Large rotating racks displayed wedding dresses from local brands, accompanied by music that added to the enchanting atmosphere. With 150 dresses from 40 local brands, the display showcased the talent of Spanish designers.

Designed to capture attention and invite photos, it combined artistry with accessibility for everyone to enjoy.
Concept: BBFW Artistic Director: La Fura dels Baus – Pep Gatell

special equipment “Barcelona goes Bridal!”

local brand wedding dress

2025 Wedding dress collection

  • Voluminous Type: this style features a fitted upper body and a wide, flowing skirt
  • Slit Design: these dresses have a cut in the skirt hem to allow for easier movement and show off one leg
  • Lace Bolero: this style highlights either the upper body or the whole figure with its lace design
  • Floral Style: dresses decorated with flower patterns or decorative flowers
  • Cape Style: a sleeveless garment worn over a dress, often with shoulder-covering designs.
  • High-Low Style: this design typically features a skirt that is shorter in the front, reaching above the knee, and longer in the back, flowing from the hips or shoulders.

Additionally, dresses crafted from innovative materials were also standout pieces, while each brand’s finale showcased spectacular designs.

Voluminous Type

Slit Design

Lace Bolero

Floral Style

Cape Style

High-Low Style

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Which type of wedding dress would you like to choose for your wedding?

Many of the wedding dresses featured A-line or princess-line designs, creating a voluminous look. The dress by JULIA KONTOGRUNI stood out with its decorative Swarovski crystal embellishments, voluminous princess line, and intricate floral lace decorations, setting it apart from other brands. (Here’s a video produced by our company)

Various type of runways

During each brand’s runway, a typical pattern emerged with ceremonial dress displays preceding showcases of wedding dresses. While some brands focused exclusively on wedding dresses, others featured groom attire. Furthermore, the Barcelona Bridal Night, including an evening party, took place at the historic Llotja de Mar building. It hosted a special runway show by Italian designer GIAMBATTISTA VALLI, which was attended by over 450 people eventually. This annual event featured a different brand showcase each year.




PRONOVIAS Special fashion show

This time, PRONOVIAS hosted a unique show at the nearby Museu de Catalunya, attended by BBFW director Albasari Caro, Ed Westwick from the popular US series Gossip Girl, and celebrity Olivia Palermo.

PRONOVIAS represents more than just wedding attire; it embodies a modern, futuristic aesthetic that merges innovative design.

The audience was surrounded by blackout curtains and large circular roller blinds hanging from the ceiling, resembling wedding dress fabric. Initially serving as a projection screen, they were later raised, casting an ambiance akin to Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2024 haute couture show, “THE BUTTON”.